Monday, March 23, 2015

"Journey To the Past"

Hello Fleekers!

How was your weekend?  Good I hope!  It was nice and sunny for me!

How is it going in your bullet journals?  I would love to see your bullet journals and the first few pages you came up with!  You can post it to my Facebook Page.

So.  Today we are going to talk about color coding.  Now I must admit I do not color code a whole lot in my bullet journal I have been using (and LOVING) since January.  But.  I was looking at a book I have that was turned into a smash book of sorts as well as some old Filofax and day planner pages.  These I can use to show you my evolution of color coding that I used including pens and stickers.  Since looking back at these I have been pondering on how I can incorporate this into my bullet journal.  I can see how already having my lay outs done is a bit frustrating and a lot of people go day by day.  So I think in future bullet journals I am going to take it week by week.

So.  Let us get into the pictures shall we?  Yay!  *insert screaming and crying like when you see Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth walk by....OK may be not.  At least a smile and American Sign Language applauding sign?  OK.  Done with the dry humor....may be....*

Alright.  So here is a picture of the notebook that I used:

Here are some post its that I used.  

This is a monthly spread from my Filofax.  The inserts were from Day Timer.  As far as color coding, I used the following colors:
Orange: appointments (anything...friends, family, doctors etc)
Purple: Church
Green:Pay days
Red:Goals (exercise times etc)
Blue:Holidays and Vaca

Can you see little colored dots on my pages?  Well, for the month view I used those to help important things to stand out.  

Some more sticky notes.  On the phone one I tried to color code my tasks.  But that got to be a bit too much.  
On the white one I split it into goals, quick errands and things I needed to by, things I needed to clean etc.  This worked out really well.  I used this for several months.

These are my weekly pages from Filofax.
I got this layout inspiration from Enjoyette on YouTube.  She has AMAZING set ups in her Filofax.  Some of it is too much for me but I did implement some of her weekly lay out.  
As far as color code she would put in color the action such as a buy: clean: call: etc.

Then she would put in black the task that would need to be done.  Such as 
Buy:a golf club

Now.  You may be seeing little colored dots occasionally on the weekly spread.  These are dots called Mark It dots.  I learned about these again from Enjoyette and got mine on Amazo . 
These are to mark the most important tasks that need to be done.

As far as appointment times?  Again from Enjoyette I wrote down in black the times then in () the color code to what the event was.  Such as work was just left black like so:
 or if I had a Doctor appointment that would be in Orange:

                               And so on...

As you can see I tried using the Martha Stewart Dew Drops as weekly tasks.  But they just don't seem to work for me now.  Even in my bullet journal I am trying to use them but they just don't seem to be sticking.  Ha ha ha ha.  Get it?  Sticking?  Hahahahahah.....a.....

Eh hem.

So there you have it.  A "Journey To the Past. . (Does anyone know this movie reference?)
That is how I have color coded in the past and is worked REALLY well for me.  I loved it!  I just need to figure out how to work it in my bullet journal.  

So.  Do you know what time it is?  No not Tool Time.  It's homework time!  Yay!

For this post I would like you to start using your color coding.  You can use it in any way you like.  Just try it for a week!  If you don't like it change it!  Just TRY.  And remember there is no wrong way.  It's what works for you!  

Thanks for reading!!!  

Happy Fleeking!!

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