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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's Talk Calendars!

Hey fleekers!

Hope you are enjoying a great Saturday!  I know I am!  I broke out my new golf clubs and enjoyed the sun.  Warm days are here at last!!


So.  I see a lot of questions regarding Calendar's and what to put in your Bullet Journal.
This is really up to you.  I like a week at a time such as this:

I have enjoyed this lay out!!  It has been tramformed.  That is the thing I love love love about the bullet journal.  You can change it and try new things.

Here is my very first week:
Do you see the changes?  Just in a month!  I have been searching pinterest and you tube and the bullet journal community on Facebook.  There are some great ideas out there!  So don't feel bad if you change things.

Now here are my moms and a friend of mind's calendar pages:

Photo credit WR

Photo credit AP
As you can see there are so many lay outs!  I know it's hard to choose which one you want to do.  But even if you want to try a couple and see which one you stick with the most that works too.

That is what I am doing with my monthly Calendars.  I am trying out two well technically three different kinds.  I think I have narrowed it down to the grid but still unsure.

Here are some monthly views you can try out:

Again.  Do what works for you.  The bullet journal is all about learning, progressing and being productive in the way that works for you.  

You can also do daily brain dumps if you want for your calendars.  (We will talk about that in a future post.)

I have seen many posts on the internet for daily pages for your calendar.  So you really just need to get a fresh clean page.  Decide what kind of lay out you want to do and go from there.  Do you want to have a month view first? Then go with your weekly? Then daily?  Just daily?  That's how my mom does it and it works great for her!

Photo credit WR
So there are many many thousands upon thousands of options.  I know it seems over whelming.  But just try something.  Decided again what lay out you want then go from there!

My mom has also used a print out and taped it into her journal.  That is an option too!

Wondering where to put tasks?
We will talk about to do lists on Monday!! 

Hope this helps!

Happy Fleeking!!

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