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Sunday, March 8, 2015

"To Do or Not To Do"

Hello Fleekers!

I know it's not Monday but I really couldn't wait until tomorrow to put up this blog post.  I am having so much fun with this blog thing and learning from you that I wanted to get this up tonight!

Hope you had a good weekend!  What did you do fun?

Well.  As from the title Shakespeare wrote a very profound question (about the only thing from him I remember) "To be or not to be that is the question!" Well.  I would like to change that (with no offense to Shakespeare may he rest in peace) to do or not to do.

That's right!  We are talking about lists today!  Who doesn't like lists in this community?  Let's be honest!  Lol.

Now that we have established calanders (read that post here), now let's chat (OK me type and you read) about to do lists.

Many wonder how to incorporate to do lists in their bullet journals.  Just as the Calenders there are so many ways to do this.  Haha get it.  To do?  Eh hem.

There are to dos in a daily spread:

Photo credit WR

There are to dos in a week spread: 

There are to do lists that are inserted:

There are monthly to do lists inserted (inspired by Tiny Ray of Sunshine).
(I have the insert in to her blog for proper inserting.)

And here are just some of my earlier to lists.  See how they have transformed?  Remember earlier blog posts?  It's OK to change and progress in your journal.  It's all about doing what works for you! 

Here is a sample of my brain dump.  We will talk about this on Wednesday.  

So.  You ready for your first  assignment?  Oh good.  (Now it's your turn.  I have done all the this case typing....)
I would like if you accept the challenge to pick one form of the task list and start using it this week.  Just try it out for this week.  See how it goes.  I would love to see pictures!  You can put them on Instagram tag me and put #fleekertodolist
Or you can post them on my Facebook page.  I would love to see how they go!!  

Happy Fleeking!! 


  1. Aw, thank you for mentioning my blog post. If the notepad works for you in the middle then more power to you! It's interesting seeing how your system has been developing.

    1. Kim
      Any time! I like to share the ideas of others.

      Thanks! It's been a fun journey!