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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Brain Gets Dumped Where?

Hello Fleekers!!

So.  How is your week going? How did your homework from last post go?  Did you do your to do lists?  I hope it went well. I would love to see pictures!

Let's talk about Brain Dumping shall we?

Now.  You may ask what the....(you fill in the blank) is a Brain Dump?  Is that where old brains go to retire?  (OK bad joke. . No.  In the bullet journal or even another journal or on a piece of paper it is a place where you write everything you need to do.  I mean everything.  Let's try it.  Grab a piece of paper and write down everything you can think of that you need to do.  I did forget to mention that you can write appointments as well.  Ready?  Go.

  Got your list?  OK.  Now.  This is the beginning of the Brain Dump in your planner.  You can pick a completely different place from your calanders to do the brain dumping or you can do it day by day for your calandering.  That is what my mom does.

So here is what I mean by a different spot than my Calanders....

Top of my journal.

As you can see my brain dump is more toward the back.  When I have an idea of something I need to do I just go to my brain dump tab and flip it open write it down and then not worry about it cause it's written down!

Now.  What does my weekly tab have to do with brain dumping?  This is where migrating tasks and appointments comes into play.  Also you know those symbols everyone talks about?  These come into play here too.

So.  Once you have everything written down, you can put a symbol next to the ones that you think are most important or that you think you can get done today.

Here is an example:

See those red Astrixs?  Those mean that I can get those done today (or so I lead myself to believe...doesn't always happen).  So...I move those to my weekly layout.

There you have it!  
Now what happens if I get things done that aren't on my weekly lay out but are on my brain dump?  That's awesome!  Yay for you!  Go fight win!  Just go back to your brain dump and check those off.  

Now what about forwarding tasks you might ask.  Well.  We will save that for another day.  If I write about that here we really have to have a brain dump where all of the exploding brains from bullet journal overload go.  

So for now, I just want to focus on getting a brain dump started.  And (insert opening movie sound here) we bring you your homeowork assignment.  For this post I would like you to start a page in your journal of brain dumping.  Put down everything you need to do.  Then you can either migrate the most important tasks or just work on tasks from the brain dumping.  You decide!  Good luck!  

Happy Fleeking!

I do not profess to be an expert on bullet journaling.  Nor did I come up with the idea of brain dumping.  I am just sharing my ideas and explaining on how I brain dump.

For the video that I got my original start in brain dumping refer to this link:

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