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Friday, March 13, 2015

Listmaker Listmaker Make Me a List

It's Friday Fleekers!  Booyah!

How have you been doing in your bullet journal?  How did your brain dumping go?
If you would care to share (hey look at that I am a poet) I would love to see your progress!!

Now.  How many of you have seen The Fiddler On the Roof?  You know that song Matchmaker Matchmaker Find Me A Match?  Well.  Again I have changed the words to Listmaker Listmaker Make Me A List.  I know I am stretching it but hey it works.  Lol.  Laugh come on.  Are you laughing?  OK me neither.  Oh well.  Lol.

Anyway.  So.  Now that we have talked about calendars (yay i finally spelled it right!!) and brain dumping (aka tasks) let's talk about what else we can put in our journals.

Oh the possibilities are endless!!!  Let's just start naming some!

A list for your online purchases:

Here is where I keep track of 
*what I ordered
*day I ordered
*what day the items are estimated to come
*what day they actually came
*a ✔ if they arrived

Then there are goals that you can keep track of:

This is my main goal page for 2015.

The following pictures are of my goals brocken down to measurable pages that i can keep track of them and actually see my progress (or lack of progress).

There are lists for movies you want to see and wish lists:

There are master cleaning lists:

There are so many more lists!  The ideas are endless!  

Now.  What happens when I move to another book?  Well.  That is a good question.  I was considering moving my lists to that new book (which really isn't a big deal to me).  However.  I saw on Facebook that someone was considering using a separate book for their lists!  I love that idea.  If I do that I will definitely show you updates!  

Homework time!  Yay!
Now is your time to pick a type of list you want to do in your planner.  Pick anything.  It can be a wish list, a movie list, a bucket list, a things I want to do with my kids list, a goal list.  Again so many options!  
So pick a list and have fun!  
I would love to see pictures!!

Happy Fleeking!!!

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