Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Finding Peace Between Two Worlds

Hello my fleekers!!

I know...long time no see!!  I mean REALLY long time!!!!

Well.  I am still in my Fauxdori.  It has changed a bit but not a whole lot.  I am also working with my Erin Condren.  I am trying to transform it into my home management planner.

But as you will see I have not found a consistent lay out in my Erin Condren that I am using.  It is frustrating really.

Sorry about the shadowing in the pictures...

Here is a week in September.  I LOVE how this turned kut.  I just LOVE the decorating.  

This was a week in December.  The more I got into my Erin Condren I felt like it was redundant to write in my Fauxdori AND my Erin Condren.  So here I am trying to just include my cleaning.  But I am still not at peace with the lay out.

Next we have a few month views from my Erin Condren.  

Here is September.  My birthday month.  I really enjoyed the decorating.  

Again with October.  I LOVE this lay out.

Here is the new year of 2016.  No decorating.  I felt it redundant to write the times of my appointments on the monthly pages.  So I just started writing the appointment name.

This is April 2016 already planned.  I am trying this just for my limited amount of bills I pay.  I do like the idea.  I still feel like I want to utilize the space I have.  So I don't know if I will add monthly cleaning jobs or what. 

Now don't get me wrong.  I love my two planners.  I am just trying to figure out a system to use both.  I take my Fauxdori everywhere with me. We will dive into that next week.  I keep my EC at home.  I just need to find peace on how to corrdinate them together.  Sigh.  Planner girl struggles.  Lol.

Thanks for being patient with me as I get back into blogging.  I know I have been a HUGE slacker!!!

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