Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back In My Leuchtturm

Hello hello Fleekers!

How's it going?  Are we all ready for spring?  I know I am.

So I am back in my Leuchtturm1917.  I know I know I just can't seem to make up my mind.  But oh well.  It has been crazy to see how back and forth I have been even in this one notebook.

First the boring stuff then we will get into pictures I promise.

So why back in the leuchtturm?  Well.  I honestly can't pin point one particular reason.  May be it's the fact that I needed changed.  May be I just like one solid notebook instead of many different notebooks even though they are in one cover.  But non the less I am back in one book.  I also think part of it is the versatility of the lay out.  I can do where the hey I want with the pages.  I love designing them and decorating and the stamping.  OM Good ess people the stamping!!  That is a whole other blog post!!

I think I also like the feel and stability of one notebook.  I felt a little too overwhelmed with many notebooks.  #plannerproblems.

Also I found myself not having much tracking by way of to do lists.  I know right?  But really I am single so I really don't have many things that are demanding of me.  So the lay out in my Fauxdori just wasn't hitting home with me.  So I am going to try out the leuchtturm1917 for a while.

For a while I was using it primarily as a fitness journal.  But then I got looking at your amazing posts on IG and Pinterest.  I wanted to try out some ideas.  I fell in love again.  To see my first love see link here:
My First Bullet Journal

Anyway.  Shall we get into some picture and see what is working and what isn't we shall.

Here we go...
This is a weekly lay out.  On the left page I have it decided into two sections.  On the left is my appointments and places to be.  On the right is my IG and Blog post schedule/tracker.  The stamps are from mskimmcreates on Etsy.  The link is here.
I have really enjoyed her stamps.   (Not sponsered..honest opinion.)

On the right page I have several things going on here.  I have a general to do list.  Anything that I need to get done the current week will be put here.  Not a specific day per se but by the end of the week.  The stamp is again from mskimmcreates.

I had put a weekly tracker but crossed it out because I thought to myself, "why do I need a weekly tracker when I have a monthly tracker?  That is dumb."  So I stopped using the weekly tracker.

I also have a spending section.  However I will be removing that section because I am putting that in my ECLP.  If desired I can show you that.

I also have a food and exercise chart.  This has evolved a bit as you will see later.

I was trying to figure out what mattered to me and what I wanted to keep track in my bullet journal.  I think one weakness we bullet journal planner people have is we try to match others.  I know I have that weakness.  But I am slowly trying to grasp that I have my own needs.  I can still set up cute lay outs but still only have what I need and what will help me.

So here is a picture of my new lay out.  I think this will work much better.

You can see how much my weekly views have evolved.  It has been because I really thought about what I needed and what I kept track of.  I love other people's lay outs but the key to making a bullet journal actually work for you is to make it fit your needs.  And when you make mistakes or don't like the lay out leave it.  Don't white it out or tear out the pages.  I like going back and seeing what I didn't like.  I do make an x through it just to show that I didn't like it.  But that is part of the fun of bullet journaling.  Just watching it evolve.  I love it how a YouTuber and I am sorry I can't place a name on her but she says that the journal becomes a story.  It becomes a personal book and I love that!  

Sorry this post has become lengthy.   I was going to get into some daily pages but I think I am going to wait until next time.  But here are some samples to sustain you for  now!!  

I hope ya'll have a great weekend coming up!  Thanks so much for reading!!
Happy Fleeking!!


  1. This post is really useful. I love how we can evolve along with our pages. I realised I had some of the same stamps, and I wasn't using them. I will now!!! Great post!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words!! You truly are a kind person! I am so glad it helped! Keep me posted on your planner please!!