Saturday, March 12, 2016

Daily Pages

Hello Fleekers!

I am back in a record time!  Crazy I know right?!

How is your weekend going?  I hope you are doing something fun!!

So, today I am bringing you my daily pages.  Now.  I have pre-planned through April.  Mostly because once I get on a stamping/lay out roll I can't stop.  It's like some people and cleaning (I need to get bitten by that

The only problem with pre-planning is you really can't change the design once you have it down.  But I think I am pretty happy with how my dailies are turning out and evolving.  Are there always things I want to change?  For sure.  So let'sgo through some of them and see what I like and don't like.  Also what made me put what in there. My purpose of this post is to help give some lag out ideas by using stamps.  Also to point out that you have to remember your bullet journal is yours.  While I am 100% guilty of envying people with amazing drawings and inspirational lay outs, I am very slowing recognizing the fact that I have to be satisfied with what I have.  That it is my bullet journal.  I can't make it like other peoples.  Can I use inspiration from others?  Absolutely!  That is what the whole planner community is about and why we share things.

So let's get started on the photos.

Here is the first week in April.  Obviously I need to either just cross some stuff out or put stickers or some thing.  As you can see I put my appointments on the top.  Then I used a stamp from StudioL2e Life Notes set.
(This is not sponsered.  I bought all the stamps mentioned with my own money and am not paid to mention them.  Just using them as a helpful recommendation.)
I really l liked how that turned out so I will probably be using that from now on.  But you never know.

Here is a close up of some of the things that I track just in my dailies.  I use the far left stamp from mskimmcreates Plan Lines and Banners set.
I am planning on using that as a mood tracker.
The middle banner is from Sweet Stamp Shop Tags set.  I am using that for my weather tracking.  I LOVE it for that.  Here is an example:  
The next stamp is again from StudioL2e Iconic set.  Same as the little pill stamp.

This is a version of my taks and appointment box.  The flag is from mskimmcreates Plan Lines and Banners set.

I must admit I have a slight addiction to clear planner stamps.....

On my Sunday page I use the extra space for my daily chores.  I had them written every day in March but I am slowly disliking that.  So I got these stamps from mskimmcreates Habit Tracker set.
Much easier than writing them every day as I did here:

The next couple of photos are just to show you how my dailies have evolved.  

Just remember that your notebook is your baby.  Think about what you really need to track and what is important in your life.  Realized that I didn't need a huge to do list.  I am single and my work doesn't demand anything of me outside of it.  So I don't have a huge to do list.  And I am ok with that.  There may be a time that I may need a whole page to one day.  Who knows.  The important thing is you make your weekly and daily pages to fit your needs.  To make them functional for where you are at right now in this time of your life.  Also more importantly don't forget to make it enjoyable.  Yes planning is to help us be functional and get things done but it is also meant to be fun.  If you have lost the fun out of planning may be you are over thinking it.  May be you are comparing too much to others.  Just go with it.  May be gain some inspiration from other spreads on social media but then make it fit your needs.

Anyway.  I am done now.

I hope you enjoy your weekend!  I would love to see your daily and weekly pages!  How do you use your stamps?  

Happy fleeking!

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