Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hello Fleekers!!!

I know.  It has been so very long since I have posted.  Life has been so very busy.  Moving and a new job has been keeping this on the DL.  But thank you for those who have been supportive and keep checking even though I am a slacker.

So as far as planners what has been going on?  Well.  I finally took the plunge and bought an Erin Condrine.  I am loving decorating it.  I am still trying to figure out what to put it in it.

Here are a few of my spreads:

I will be better at posting.   Thanks again for your faithfulness!  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Utilizing Stickers and Post Its

Hello Fleekers!

How have you been?  I know it has been a while.  Honestly this has been an emotional crazy week for me.  Moving and changing jobs.  Just a cra cra life right now.  

To everyone American or not Happy National Donut Day!  Make sure you eat one to celebrate!

So. You ready to get started for our discussion today?

I have been looking at a lot and I mean A LOT of Erin Condrine pages and decorations.  I have tried to find Fauxdori page decorations where they use the "Erin Condrine" stickers.  But I haven't found a whole lot.  May be I am not looking in the right place?  If you have any suggestions lesuggestions please let me know!!!

I have been officially bitten by the Etsy sticker shop bug.  I really need to budget my money on this but they are just so darn cute!  I wish I could buy a sheet from every single store out there!!

We are going to dive a little deeper to see how I am utilizing these stickers and even some smaller posty notes.

Here is a day lay out in my Fauxdori with the diyfish day on two page insertsinserts, of which I am LOVING.

There are some days where I have a lot I need to get done and my anxiety acts up.  I feel overwhelmed and am not sure how I am going to get stuff done.  This might sound weird but that is where it is at.
So to help me cope with the anxiety of making sure I get things done that I need to I have white sticky notes that I write a time table on.  Such as below.  This is not in stone.  I can change if needed. But when I have a project that I HAVE to get done and I am just worried on when I can get it done I make a time plan just as a guide line.  This has worked wonders for me. 

Next is some smaller sticky notes.  I have started using these to make little notes such as orders that I make, I use them for subject headers for notes.  I have also decided to keep track of my daily spending on them as well.

I have been loving these canceled and to do list stickers from KGPlanners on Etsy.  

I got a small sticky note set from the project life isle at Hobby Lobby.  I have been trying to utilize these.  
I got the Errands tab sticker from EllabellaPrintables again on Etsy.

So there ya go.  Just a little sommsomm on sticky notes and things.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I would love to see how you utilize your stickers and sticky notes!

Happy Fleeking!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Whereever May Went...There It Be

Hello Fleekers!

How have you been?  Good I hope!  I know it's been a little bit since I have posted.  No excuse.

Where the heck did May go?  I'm still trying to figure that out.  I just can't believe it's gone.

This month I used the DIYfish 2.1 version for Midori.  I think I'm really liking it.  I still want to tweak it a bit.  Not sure how yet, but I know I will always be tweaking and trying to figure out what works best for me.

I really like DIFFish's idea of all of the views together folded out.  That way I can see my month week and day together.

Here is the month notes page.  I have decided on how I want to use it.  I started using the top left half as a timeline for my parents new house being built.  The bottom half was for jobs I was applying for.

I wasn't sure on what I wanted to use the check boxes for.  There is just so much space that I am not sure what to do with it.  June I will be tying out different things to see if I can come up with something that will stick.

Here is the weekly Chart.  I was going to use it for my daily to dos.  But that just wasn't working.  We will see what I am now trying a bit later.

Here are the daily pages.  I am trying out different lay outs as again there is a lot of space to write.  On these two pages I used Washi tape to divide my sections.  
I also used a sticky note for smaller lists.  I did some doodling and used stickers.

Here are some more days.  The lay out changed again.  Journaling at the top.  To do lists on the bottom..  Times on the right hand side.  I also started using the check boxes as forwarded tasks from the previous day.  That didn't stick very long.

This is my first week view.  I was going to journal here but that was moved to daily as mentioned above.

Here is what my new weekly chart looks like.  I put my goals here.  Purple is spiritual/church, pink general to do, red:physical, black is job related.  Under the red line is my water and soda intake.

Here are some of my most recent day decor and lay outs.  I started using the check boxes asy dailyi got some of my decorating  inspiration from Carie from Dispatches from the Frat House .
I use the check boxes for daily habits.  I also used he top left box to write my meals.  I changed that up the last couple days but I think I am going to go back to that.

This week I started using page flags to seperate to do sections.  I got this idea from a gal on Instagram.  

So there you have it.  May.  Where ever it went there it is.  Lol.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!  

Happy Fleeking!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Situation Series #4 Functional Rant

Hello Fleekers!

How has your week been?  Good I hope.  You excited for a long weekend?!

So.  I have been looking at a lot of planners on Pinterest  and IG.  I am really trying to make my planner work for me.  Which so far I am really enjoying my Fauxdori.

I see so many great organized planners and I so want mine to look like that.  I am loving the diyfish inserts.  However there is just so much room and so much about the life mapping system that I am not understanding.  I think overall I am trying to make it more complicated then it should be.

How often do we do that with our planners?  While we have great intentions and want to make our planners look pretty do we forget the true purpose of them?  To make them simple and functional?  Of course we should enjoy them and have our time with them such as decorating.  But I know for me at least I have been a bit frustrated lately because mine doesn't look as amazingly organized as some of y'alls.

But then I got thinking, which is part of why I started this series, that my planner needs to work for me.  What may work for someone else may not work for me and visa versa which is perfectly OK.

With that being said, I still am finding what works for me.  As mentioned above I love the DIyFish inserts and I think they are the lay outs I will stick with for a while.  I just want to try and find a way that is functional and yet not too critical of my pages.  Do you know what I mean?

The point is to worth with what you have.  I have been trying to fill my pages with tons of to does.  I feel bad for not having millions of things to fill my planner out.  However, I saw a video on YouTube (I honestly don't remember which one) and she used check mark strips for the days she knew she had something.  Other then that she decorated the page to her liking.  (She was using an Erin Condrine planner.) I thought that was awesome.  I need to focus more on that and not be ashamed of not using my planner like the next person.  They do what works for them.

I hope this makes sense and I am sorry for the lack of pictures and being more on a soap box.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!   Thank you to those who have served in the United States Military!  

Happy Fleeking!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Situation Series #3 Menu

Hello Fleekers!

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  I had a few days off of work.  Got to hang out with mom.  

Today we are going to talk menus.

I am coming for one person.  Me.  Lol.
I still like to have a menu plan.  I use the diyfish inserts.  On the left I plan out my meals.  Yes I even do breakfast and lunch. I don't have to stick to the plan like glue.  I just make a plan so when I go grocery shopping I am getting what I need then I can cook whatever from there.  Does that make sense?

So here in these pictures are examples of how I am writing my grocery list.  I plan out the menu on the left.  Then I write down all of the ingredient I need on the right.  I cross out what I already have.  This might seem redundant or petty but it works for me.  I'm actually thinking of taking it a sheep further and writing what I actually need on a sticky note.

Then I write the meals at the top of my daily page. Just to keep in mind.

So there you have it.  That's how I meal plan for just me.  I go grocery shopping every two weeks.  
Since I don't have a family to cook for I usually have a lot of left over.  I have those for lunches or I freeze them.  
I've been trying to do better at eating breakfast but still not the greatest.  Lol.  If I wake up early enough it's cereal or frozen waffles.  Lol.  Or I stop and grab something from McDonald's.

Sometimes it's hard to cook for one person.  There is probably no point in menu planning for one person.  But I like having once so I don't overspend on groceries and such.  

How do you menu plan?  Do you have a master meal list?  Do you cook for you?  Do you cook for you and a family?  Do you plan it in your planner?

I would love to see pictures!  Or read comments!

You can post on my Facebook page or #situationseriesmenu

Thanks for reading!!  
Happy Fleeking!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Situation Series #2: To Do Lists

Hello Fleekers!!

And how has your week been?  Good I hope.  We have been very wet here.  It has rained every day this week.  So needless to say I am running out of rain drop stickers.  Lol.

Anyway.  Let's get into today's post shall we?

So, on Instagram and Pinterest  I see so many cute planners (more Erin Condrine these days) with decorated to do lists.  Some people have a ton of stuff to do.  Some people not a whole lot.
My to do lists concists more of cleaning.  

Honestly I feel like my to do lists are all over the place.  I love all of the cute stickers on Etsy and have purchased some.  I love them.  
I am figuring out how I want to make my to do lists more functional and efficient.  I know, the delemas of a planner addict right? Lol.  Whoa is me.  

Sometimes looking at all of the other planners on IG I feel bad for not having a whole lot to do.  But I have discovered and finally accepted that this is not bad.  It's just different.  We are all in different areas of our lives.  
But just because we may not have a lot to do doesn't mean we can't love planners and decorate them to make them work for our own individual needs.  

I really would like to utilize my post it collection more.  
I dunno.  I will have to research some more. But to be honest from what I have researched there isn't much on the inserts I use.  
If you have any thoughts let me know! 
I will keep you updated on how they evolve.

Happy weekend and happy Fleeking!

I would LOVE to see how you do your to do lists.  Please post them on my FB page if you care to.  Or post them on Instagram #situationseriestodolists

Thanks so much!!  I would love your feedback and your ideas!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Situation series #1

Hello Fleekers!!

How is your week going?  Pretty good I hope!

So I started writing a completely different blog post but it took an interesting turn to what this post is going to be about.  I decided that I am going to make it into a series.  Let me know what you think!!

So I have been watching a lot of planner YouTube videos.  Most of you lovely ladies are moms and wives.  Which is awesome!  That is my dream.  However for now, I am 31 years old, single, working part time and living in my parent's basement apartment until I move.  I don't have my own family to plan and take care of.  I hope to some day.
But for now it's just me.

I got a little discouraged because I see all of your amazing planners.  Decorated.  Tons to do.  Lots of keeping track if things.  It's amazing how you make your planners so pretty and yet so functional.

Yet for me, being on my own I thought, " can I use those cute functional stickers and make lists even though in all honesty I don't have a ton to do?"

After finding some single ladies in my situation I came to the conclusion that yes I can.  They had their planners so cute and functional even though they don't have a whole lot to do.

I will get into my planner a bit and how I use it for my personal situation.  Just remember that no matter your marital status or if you have kids or not it's all about making your planner work for you.  If you love decorating but don't have a ton to do, use the space for your creativity.  If you have kids and are running around kkudos to you busy moms out there) make your planner pretty and yet functional.  It doesn't matter what stage of life you are on. As long as your planner works for you and inspired you.

Here are a few pictures of my planner.  I will get into more detail in later posts.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy fleeking!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week Review

Hello Fleeker Friends! 

It's Friday!  Can I hear a Boo yah!!  

OK.  Now.  Let's get serious.  Eh hem.  OK.  Can't do it.  Let's have some fun shall we?  Who doesn't love fun.  Especially on the weekend!

I thought I would take you through how my week went with my DIYFish inserts.  I think it went pretty well.  I got back into doodling again...not the greatest but what ever.  Lol.

Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Happy mother's day to all the moms out there.  If you aren't a mom, don't forget you still have a big influence on those around you!  

Happy Fleeking!!  

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fishing For Success

Hello my Fleekers!

I have decided I am going to upload twice a week now.  On Mondays and Fridays.  I hope you continue to enjoy the fun even though it will be less.  Less posting in the week not less fun or content.  😆

So.  Let's get into how my Fish inserts are going?  Well it's going OK.  It has been taking some work to get it working for me.  I have only been using them for a few days.  I was just overwhelmed with how much space there is.  I have been researching and digging into how to organize my new set up.  I am wanting to make this lay out a success.

Here is the daily lay out.  I have decorated each day.  It might clash with the previous day but I still enjoy decorating.  

I have settled on using the top left space for daily journaling.  Underneath the washi tape is my daily to dos.  I have started using some functional stickers.  I plan on exploring more shops and getting more stickers.  If you have any suggestions let me know!!

I saw the time line idea on Instagram and loved it.  The person had put a line as shown and the event written along the line.  For the check boxes on the top I am putting my daily menu.  I am thinking about whiting out the check boxes but not sure.

Here are the first two days of May.  As you can see I definitely did some tweaking.  I was going to use a pink sticky notes for my cleaning but I decided to use it a different way.

Here is last week's lay out.  
I was going to use the left side as appointments and journaling.  The right side I split them up into small to do lists.  But I didn't really care for that.  I will show you. Next week the changes in that.  So stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a good week!!!!!!

Happy Fleeking!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIYFish Inserts

Hey Fleekers!

Waz up?  How is your week going?

So.  I have been reading a lot of reviews and watched a lot of YouTube videos about the DIYFish inserts.  They intrigued me so much I bought and downloaded a three month trial.  Don't worry I am still using my monthly Growing Up Goddess insert as well as the lined paper.  

I just felt bad because I wasn't using the week one to it's full potential.  Plus I was trying the brain dump and as much as I want it to work for some reason it is just too much for my simple little brain.  

Here is the month fold out.  I am trying the color coding with this just for quick reference.  Which is why I still use the Growing Up Goddess month lay out.  That one is written while this is just colored boxes.  I was concerned about how my head would wrap around starting my week on Mondays because I am a traditional Sunday gal.  But so far it's not too bad.

Like the majority of the people who use this page as a menu planner I decided to join in.  I think it is going to work well.

Here is the month laid out.  In the middle is a divided note/task box area.  On the left side I think I am just going to take notes as well as a running journal entry of my parent's new house progress.  Just for record purposes. 
Not sure what to do for the task part.

Here is one of my favorite features I think.  I love how I can fold out the money and have my week right there.  I use it for appointments and journaling.  Then the best part is a separate section for tasks.  I just love this lay out.

Here is a look at Growing up Goddess monthly insert. I LOVE it.

There is still so much space that I haven't used yet in the DIYFish inserts.  I am actually a little overwhelmed at the amount of space there is to keep lists and write stuff down.  But I do really like the idea of keeping everything together and getting rid of the brain dump.  I love love love the idea of the brain dump and as much as I want it to work for me it just doesn't.  

So that's it for today!  
Have a good rest of the weak.

Disclaimer: this is not a sobered list.  All materials were purchased by me.  All opinions are genially my own.

Happy Fleeking!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Just A Little Something

Hey Fleekers!

I am a huge slacker.  I have no excuses.  I honestly didn't know what to blog about.

I am enjoying my Fauxdori so far.  I am not head over heals about it but I am enjoying it.  It's a new adventure.

I printed out some new pages from MsWenduhh.  Just giving those a go.

I don't think I am using the brain dump to it's full potential.  I have a weekly booklet and I have been writing the top priority items in there:

However I am finding it cumbersome to write things multiple times.  

So I think what I am gonna do is use my brain dump just for my to do list as it is intended to be.  
I think I am going to use my weekly booklet for journaling for sure and I am not sure what else.  May be appointments.  I like the monthly spread for that though..

So I dunno.  I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do.  And for some reason I have felt the yearning to use my Filofax.  I get a little overwhelmed at using multiple planners.  But may be I can work something out.  

So that's a small update on my honest feelings.  Sorry it's not much.  Lol.  If you have any questions or requests let me know!

Happy Fleeking!