Friday, May 29, 2015

Whereever May Went...There It Be

Hello Fleekers!

How have you been?  Good I hope!  I know it's been a little bit since I have posted.  No excuse.

Where the heck did May go?  I'm still trying to figure that out.  I just can't believe it's gone.

This month I used the DIYfish 2.1 version for Midori.  I think I'm really liking it.  I still want to tweak it a bit.  Not sure how yet, but I know I will always be tweaking and trying to figure out what works best for me.

I really like DIFFish's idea of all of the views together folded out.  That way I can see my month week and day together.

Here is the month notes page.  I have decided on how I want to use it.  I started using the top left half as a timeline for my parents new house being built.  The bottom half was for jobs I was applying for.

I wasn't sure on what I wanted to use the check boxes for.  There is just so much space that I am not sure what to do with it.  June I will be tying out different things to see if I can come up with something that will stick.

Here is the weekly Chart.  I was going to use it for my daily to dos.  But that just wasn't working.  We will see what I am now trying a bit later.

Here are the daily pages.  I am trying out different lay outs as again there is a lot of space to write.  On these two pages I used Washi tape to divide my sections.  
I also used a sticky note for smaller lists.  I did some doodling and used stickers.

Here are some more days.  The lay out changed again.  Journaling at the top.  To do lists on the bottom..  Times on the right hand side.  I also started using the check boxes as forwarded tasks from the previous day.  That didn't stick very long.

This is my first week view.  I was going to journal here but that was moved to daily as mentioned above.

Here is what my new weekly chart looks like.  I put my goals here.  Purple is spiritual/church, pink general to do, red:physical, black is job related.  Under the red line is my water and soda intake.

Here are some of my most recent day decor and lay outs.  I started using the check boxes asy dailyi got some of my decorating  inspiration from Carie from Dispatches from the Frat House .
I use the check boxes for daily habits.  I also used he top left box to write my meals.  I changed that up the last couple days but I think I am going to go back to that.

This week I started using page flags to seperate to do sections.  I got this idea from a gal on Instagram.  

So there you have it.  May.  Where ever it went there it is.  Lol.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!  

Happy Fleeking!

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