Friday, May 15, 2015

Situation Series #2: To Do Lists

Hello Fleekers!!

And how has your week been?  Good I hope.  We have been very wet here.  It has rained every day this week.  So needless to say I am running out of rain drop stickers.  Lol.

Anyway.  Let's get into today's post shall we?

So, on Instagram and Pinterest  I see so many cute planners (more Erin Condrine these days) with decorated to do lists.  Some people have a ton of stuff to do.  Some people not a whole lot.
My to do lists concists more of cleaning.  

Honestly I feel like my to do lists are all over the place.  I love all of the cute stickers on Etsy and have purchased some.  I love them.  
I am figuring out how I want to make my to do lists more functional and efficient.  I know, the delemas of a planner addict right? Lol.  Whoa is me.  

Sometimes looking at all of the other planners on IG I feel bad for not having a whole lot to do.  But I have discovered and finally accepted that this is not bad.  It's just different.  We are all in different areas of our lives.  
But just because we may not have a lot to do doesn't mean we can't love planners and decorate them to make them work for our own individual needs.  

I really would like to utilize my post it collection more.  
I dunno.  I will have to research some more. But to be honest from what I have researched there isn't much on the inserts I use.  
If you have any thoughts let me know! 
I will keep you updated on how they evolve.

Happy weekend and happy Fleeking!

I would LOVE to see how you do your to do lists.  Please post them on my FB page if you care to.  Or post them on Instagram #situationseriestodolists

Thanks so much!!  I would love your feedback and your ideas!!


  1. My to-do list looks a lot like yours, written on my daily page. I also have a yard work list filed under Y and a to-do list that can be done anytime in the future taped to a flyleaf that marks my current month.