Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Situation Series #3 Menu

Hello Fleekers!

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good.  I had a few days off of work.  Got to hang out with mom.  

Today we are going to talk menus.

I am coming for one person.  Me.  Lol.
I still like to have a menu plan.  I use the diyfish inserts.  On the left I plan out my meals.  Yes I even do breakfast and lunch. I don't have to stick to the plan like glue.  I just make a plan so when I go grocery shopping I am getting what I need then I can cook whatever from there.  Does that make sense?

So here in these pictures are examples of how I am writing my grocery list.  I plan out the menu on the left.  Then I write down all of the ingredient I need on the right.  I cross out what I already have.  This might seem redundant or petty but it works for me.  I'm actually thinking of taking it a sheep further and writing what I actually need on a sticky note.

Then I write the meals at the top of my daily page. Just to keep in mind.

So there you have it.  That's how I meal plan for just me.  I go grocery shopping every two weeks.  
Since I don't have a family to cook for I usually have a lot of left over.  I have those for lunches or I freeze them.  
I've been trying to do better at eating breakfast but still not the greatest.  Lol.  If I wake up early enough it's cereal or frozen waffles.  Lol.  Or I stop and grab something from McDonald's.

Sometimes it's hard to cook for one person.  There is probably no point in menu planning for one person.  But I like having once so I don't overspend on groceries and such.  

How do you menu plan?  Do you have a master meal list?  Do you cook for you?  Do you cook for you and a family?  Do you plan it in your planner?

I would love to see pictures!  Or read comments!

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Thanks for reading!!  
Happy Fleeking!!

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