Friday, May 22, 2015

Situation Series #4 Functional Rant

Hello Fleekers!

How has your week been?  Good I hope.  You excited for a long weekend?!

So.  I have been looking at a lot of planners on Pinterest  and IG.  I am really trying to make my planner work for me.  Which so far I am really enjoying my Fauxdori.

I see so many great organized planners and I so want mine to look like that.  I am loving the diyfish inserts.  However there is just so much room and so much about the life mapping system that I am not understanding.  I think overall I am trying to make it more complicated then it should be.

How often do we do that with our planners?  While we have great intentions and want to make our planners look pretty do we forget the true purpose of them?  To make them simple and functional?  Of course we should enjoy them and have our time with them such as decorating.  But I know for me at least I have been a bit frustrated lately because mine doesn't look as amazingly organized as some of y'alls.

But then I got thinking, which is part of why I started this series, that my planner needs to work for me.  What may work for someone else may not work for me and visa versa which is perfectly OK.

With that being said, I still am finding what works for me.  As mentioned above I love the DIyFish inserts and I think they are the lay outs I will stick with for a while.  I just want to try and find a way that is functional and yet not too critical of my pages.  Do you know what I mean?

The point is to worth with what you have.  I have been trying to fill my pages with tons of to does.  I feel bad for not having millions of things to fill my planner out.  However, I saw a video on YouTube (I honestly don't remember which one) and she used check mark strips for the days she knew she had something.  Other then that she decorated the page to her liking.  (She was using an Erin Condrine planner.) I thought that was awesome.  I need to focus more on that and not be ashamed of not using my planner like the next person.  They do what works for them.

I hope this makes sense and I am sorry for the lack of pictures and being more on a soap box.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!   Thank you to those who have served in the United States Military!  

Happy Fleeking!

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