Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DIYFish Inserts

Hey Fleekers!

Waz up?  How is your week going?

So.  I have been reading a lot of reviews and watched a lot of YouTube videos about the DIYFish inserts.  They intrigued me so much I bought and downloaded a three month trial.  Don't worry I am still using my monthly Growing Up Goddess insert as well as the lined paper.  

I just felt bad because I wasn't using the week one to it's full potential.  Plus I was trying the brain dump and as much as I want it to work for some reason it is just too much for my simple little brain.  

Here is the month fold out.  I am trying the color coding with this just for quick reference.  Which is why I still use the Growing Up Goddess month lay out.  That one is written while this is just colored boxes.  I was concerned about how my head would wrap around starting my week on Mondays because I am a traditional Sunday gal.  But so far it's not too bad.

Like the majority of the people who use this page as a menu planner I decided to join in.  I think it is going to work well.

Here is the month laid out.  In the middle is a divided note/task box area.  On the left side I think I am just going to take notes as well as a running journal entry of my parent's new house progress.  Just for record purposes. 
Not sure what to do for the task part.

Here is one of my favorite features I think.  I love how I can fold out the money and have my week right there.  I use it for appointments and journaling.  Then the best part is a separate section for tasks.  I just love this lay out.

Here is a look at Growing up Goddess monthly insert. I LOVE it.

There is still so much space that I haven't used yet in the DIYFish inserts.  I am actually a little overwhelmed at the amount of space there is to keep lists and write stuff down.  But I do really like the idea of keeping everything together and getting rid of the brain dump.  I love love love the idea of the brain dump and as much as I want it to work for me it just doesn't.  

So that's it for today!  
Have a good rest of the weak.

Disclaimer: this is not a sobered list.  All materials were purchased by me.  All opinions are genially my own.

Happy Fleeking!


  1. Thank you for sharing this on FB bujo group.I am really enjoying your creations :)

    1. Awe thank you! I am glad you enjoy them! Thanks for stopping by!