Monday, April 13, 2015


Good Morning Fleekers!  

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty busy as I had a family workshop which I will do a post about later.  I was able to tell my family about my new found love of the Bullet Journal and just planning in general.  I promise I will do a post about this soon!  So stay tuned!

In the mean time, hows about we get into my Fauxdori which I have been raving about getting?!  It finally came on April 10.  Just a few days ago.  So far I really have been enjoying it.  I am looking at getting some more inserts from Growing Up Goddess on Etsy.  Hopefully they will be here this week!  

In the mean time I thought I would dive into my current original set up.  So here goes!

Here is a front view of this beauty.  I had this pirate medallion charm from Disneyland on a key chain and I thought it would look perfect on here!  I love it!  I put a piece of tissue on the back so that it wouldn't scratch up the leather as bad.  (One of my best friends suggested that!  She is genius!  She actually suggested to glue material on the back but for the time being I just taped some tissue.

Here are different angles of the journal.  Just for fun because it just needs to be done right?  Lol.


Here is the is the front of the inside cover.  Nothing special.  As of right now I have two notebooks.  I plan on putting at least three more in.  At least we will see how three more fit.  
The index cards are part of a cleaning system that my mom introduced my family and I at the last year's workshop.  I have not done it for at least six months.  I thought, "may be I could put them in the front of my Fauxdori to remind me to do them!"  I had seen a lot of people use the binder clips in there's and I wanted to utilize mine.  I tried using them in my Filofax but they just bulked it up.  They seem to work fine in this journal.  I didn't want to put it on the actual leather cover as that would create dents.  (Can you tell I am being a bit over protective of my baby?)

Next is a dashboard folder of sorts that I made.  I got the original idea from here on YouTube.  
I knew I wanted to do this homemade dashboard before I made it.  But I thought about the pockets.  I went to Office Depot to exchange some ink and walked around.  I found photo covers and self adhesive id pockets!  Bingo!  That's how I made my dashboard folder!  I am not sure about the photo pockets however.  I like them for my Mark-It Dots but not for the stickers in the front.  I might have to figure something else out.  I may go back to using an envelope like I did for my previous Bullet Journal.

My second book is my list or as most people call it "Collection" booklet.  The first list is movies I would like to see.  (Yes I know there are some you might be, "She hasn't seen that?!"  LOL.  It's on my list so that counts for something right?  HAHA

The next list is of course my craft wish list.  I really need to stick to a budget on this one.  I can for sure get carried away!  Anyone else?  Nah.  Not you!  LOL

Next is my camping/vaca list.  I just like to have a master copy.  I do make a seperate one to check off as I go.  But again, I just like to have a master one.  Plus this one is just fun to decorate.  :)

And here is the back covor of the Fauxdori.  

So far I am really liking this format.  I think I want to try making my own in the future just to save some money.  So far I am pretty pleased with it though.  I bought it from Eternal Leather Goods on Etsy.  It did take a while to get here.  I ordered on March 28 and it arrived on April 10.  The shipping was super fast.  The leather is pretty stiff but from the reviews I have read and seen on YouTube it seems to get more and more flexible as the time goes on.  I really like the color and the choice of elastics.  I do wish there were more elastics as I have seen some covers have four.  Over all I am pretty pleased with the product and I look forward to using it and loving it a lot more!! 

Thanks for reading!  Keep checking back for more updates on my new journey of Fauxdoris and other planner adventures!  

Happy Fleeking!!

Disclaimer:  This was not a sponsored post.  All items were purchased by me.  All opinions are honest and genuinely my own!

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