Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hooray For Stickers!

Hello Fleekers! 

How are you doing?  Are you ready for Easter weekend (if you celebrate it that is...).
I am just ready for the weekend!  Lol.  I do celebrate Easter but I also celebrate weekends!  Lol.

Alright.  Are you ready to talk stickers?  Go fight win!

I am going to talk about how I have used stickers in past planners and my current Bullet Journal.  Hopefully it will help inspire some of you.

This is a month view from my Filofax.  As you can see I used many different kinds of functional stickers.  There are dots and stars.  

Here is a closer look.

As you can see the color dots are coordinated with my pen colors.  These are great little sticker.  I love love love them.  They are called Mark It Dots that I got from Amazon.  I originally got the idea from Enjoyette on YouTube.  I used them to make events pop out at me.  
I used the bigger ones (the green) for pay days.  The pink were for cleaning zones.

Here are just a few of the sheets of Mark It Dots that I have.  I got the transparent ones as well as just the regular.  

These next stickers are Martha Stewart dew drops.  These are very popular in the planner community (I have more noticed them in the Filofax community than anywhere else).  They are repositionable. A lot of people use them for weekly chores. I have used them for many different things.  I have tried the FlyLady daily challenges.  I have tried them for chores.  I have tried them for monthly tasks.  The thing that I have found them most helpful for me is important reminders

These are Avery labels that I printed off myself.  I bought the labels, used the code on the computer, designed them and printed them off.  These are also repositionable.  I have used these quite a lot.  

These are bigger dots that I got at Walmart I believe.  I saw an idea on Pinterest  I believe that she used these for important dates on her monthly calendar.  She cut them in quarters then put them in the corner over the date.  I wish I could give proper credit to where I got the inspiration but I honestly can't remember.  So if you find it please link it in the comments!  

Here is an example of how these bigger dots are used in the monthly calendar.

Here is an example of the dew drops in my Bullet Journal.

Now.  Those were the functional stickers that I personally have.  

Are you ready for the fun stickers?  Duh of course you are!!!  😊

Here we go.

Here are just some examples of the fun stickers that I have and how I have used them.

As far as what kind of stickers I used I like the traditional flat ones.  There are 3D ones that are puffy.  I don't like those for my planner as they bulk it up.  It was really sad because I saw these really cute bunny stickers I wanted but they had googly eyes.  I guess if they don't bather you then by all means use the 3D ones!  There are some major cute ones out there!! 

Alright.  It''s....


K guys!  I would like you to post pictures or comment below or comment on my Facebook Page about how you use stickers.  Whether they be functional or fun or even both!  I would love to see or read about them all!!  

All items shown were purchased by me.  This is not a sponsored post.

As always! 
Happy Fleeking!!!!

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