Monday, March 30, 2015

Why Do I Feel So Sticky?


How are my friends today?  How was your weekend?  Can you believe it's Monday already?  Boo!  Oh well.  I suppose life goes on doesn't it?  And so does planning!

How is your planning going?  I would love to see pictures of your planners!  You can post them on my Facebook page.

So, how many of you like sticky notes?  I am trying to envision most of you if not all of you raising your hands.  Perhaps jumping up and down.  May be even doing a little happy dance?  Yup.  That's about how I get when I hear the words, "Sticky Notes."

I am sure I don't need to explain what sticky notes are so let's just jump right into it shall we?

There are millions and millions of different kinds of Sticky Notes out there.  Here are just a few from my collection that I keep in my Travel Accessory Bag.

These next ones are smaller post it notes that I ordered from Amazon.  But of course I then saw them at Staples after I ordered them. I use these for when I am crunched on my time in the evening and need to get things done.  We will see an example of this later in the post. 

These are full adhesive Sticky Notes.  There are a few more colors available as well (not all of the colors are pictured below).  I don't use these much unless I know it's something that I am not going to be moving around a whole lot in my planner if at all. 

These are regular Sticky Notes.  There are different shapes, sizes and colors. You can get these anywhere such as Walmart, Target or any office supply store.  They are only sticky on half of the back or rather a 1/4 of the back. 

These are white ones that I ordered off of Amazon.  They are 3x2" Sticky Notes.  Enjoyette from YouTube used these so I thought I would give them a go.  They stick surprisingly well. 

These are a variety of Sticky Pads that I got mostly from Walmart. 

Of course don't forget the Dollar Spot at Target.  My mom got me all of these I think.  I have started to utilize these a lot in my planner.  Most of these don't stick the best so I use a tape runner.   

Now, let's get into the meat of it shall we?  How do I use all of this sticky goodness?
Well, here is how! 

Below are Sticky Notes from my Filofax that I used last year.  I used the iPhone one from Walmart for weekly to do lists.  Things that I needed to get done through out the week but not on a specific day.  The yellow ones were for grocery lists or errands that I needed to run.  

Here are some more from my Filofax.  I started color coding my Sticky Notes.  Green meant something I needed to buy, someone I needed to pay back or errands I needed to run. Blue was for any last minute packing items that I needed to throw in my bag, shopping for the vaca (such as snacks or any toiletries that I needed to replenish), or just random notes or last minute to dos before I left on my trip. Pink was for things that I needed to buy for my house such as cleaning supplies.  I also wrote down specific projects I needed to do for my home as well. 

Here are just some more examples of my post it notes.  I started color coding on my phone pad of weekly tasks.  Just for something different.   Then when I got the white Sticky Notes, I started writing my goals on there.  Also some people that I needed to contact or places I needed to go.  On my green Sticky Notes I wrote down a more specific list of what I needed to pick up. 

Again, just some more examples.  The purple one is for some random church notes that I wanted to remember. 

Here is where I was using those smaller post it notes.  When I feel like I am under pressure and have so much to do in so little time (aka anxiety) I start panicking.  So, what really helped me was to pull out these small Post Its and write down a schedule of sorts.  Now, I did not have to exactly follow this by the book.  It was just a time frame so I could be at peace of what I needed to get done and that I had scheduled the right amount of time for everything that I needed to do.  Therefore I had less stress and anxiety.  I hope that made sense..... 

Here is just a close up of how I divided the white ones (these were 2x2 not the 3x2 as mentioned above) into a quadrant.   

Here is a closer look at how I used the smaller Post It Notes as a time table guideline. 

Here is a closer look at my color coded weekly iPhone Post It.  I loved these and used them every week.  What I used them for kind of changed and evolved through out the year.  Sometimes I used them for lists and sometimes I used them for menus.  Regardless of what I used them for I did indeed use them as I mentioned every single week. 

Now here is a look at how I use the Post It Notes in my Bullet Journal.

Here I took some lists of what I needed to buy.  Again on the green Post It Note.   

Here I wasn't color coordinating the Post It Notes I was more just picking out the color with my weekly theme like most Fleekers do when they decorate their planners. 

In this example I used some of the bigger ones (I got these at a local grocery store) as menu planners and grocery lists.  This technique didn't work too long. 

Here is just a little note that I threw on my IOU page.  Just of who I owed money to that week and such.  Again no color coding just used what Sticky Note I had posted in the back of my Bullet Journal. 

Again here using the Sticky Note on the back of my insert.  I used this for some errands that I needed to run and a quick grocery list of a few items. 

My mom was generous enough to let me take some pictures of how she uses Sticky Notes in her Bullet Journal.  Her personal favorite is when she writes quotes on them. 
Photo Credit WR

Photo Credit WR

Photo Credit WR

Photo Credit WR

So, in conclusion (wow, I sound so professional.  I feel like I need to push up my glasses) Sticky Notes can be used for just about anything.  
and that my friends leads us into.....drum roll please....

I would like you to pull out those sticky notes!  Use at least one of your pads for a list or jot down some ideas or write your weekly menu.  Just use at least one this week.  Let me know how it goes!  If you already use Sticky Notes in your planners, your homework assignment is to post pictures either in the Bullet Journal group you are in or on my Facebook page.  I would love to see how you utilize them.

May your week be full of happy Fleeking!!!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.  All items were purchased by me (or my mom).  All opinions are genuinely my own.

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