Monday, March 2, 2015

February Review

Well hello Fleekers!

And here we are at Monday.  What happens to the weekend?  I swear we work so hard during the week look very much toward the weekend then woosh.... Here we are at Monday again!  I guess that's life eh?

Well.  I thought I would do a month review with you and see what happened in my bullet journal.  What worked and what didn't.  Changes.  Etc.

Ready?  Here we go!!

Here is the month view.  

***I am not sure about having monthly tasks.  I write them down so much in my brain dump and weekly spread.  But at the same time I like them enough to keep on trying to see if they will work.  So we will see if I continue with the monthly tasks or not.

***I like the lay out of the list.  But I also like the grid.  I made a grid view just so I could try out both to see how it would work.

Fully decorated

                               Week one

***had prestamped the water cups.  Structure is getting stronger.

                             Week two

***Tried using a separate paper for shopping lists.  I like that idea and I like utilizing the to do lists that I have but I am not sure how to fully use it yet.

***Didn't have water glass stamps.  Moved those to the food journaling part.  I am loving the structure!  

                  ***Used more stamping.

                                Week 3

***This is the second half of my third week.  I tried using more sticky notes.  Note to self don't use full adhesive if you want to move them around week to week.  Too much of a pain to peel them off.  

***I used a big red dot for an important reminder.  I really would like to implement that more.  

***Love the decorating.  Already have through May done!!  I might have the bug.   Lol.

***Changed structure a bit.  Got rid of middle space and just have a line.

                              Week four
***Here is my last week.  Again with the sticky notes.  I really like the idea just not the full adhesive.  

***Used a sticker from a pack I got at JoAnn's I believe.  I used this for an important reminder.  Same thing with the infamous dew drop.  But this one is a monthly thing so it's easy to take off and move.

So there you have it!  I am loving this journal more and more every day!!!  

How did your February go?  I would love to see your ideas and lay outs!!

Happy Fleeking!

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