Friday, March 6, 2015

Playing With Stamps

Hello Fleekers!

It's the weekend!  I have a Saturday off!  Everyone do the happy dance!!! Ready?  Go!! 😊😊😊😊

OK.  I am serious now.  Eh hem.

Now.  Are you new to stamping?  I am.  (As you will be able to tell.)

I have a very small collection.  I was looking for a way to store them.  For now I am keeping them in this photo container.

Here are the small collections of stamps I had.

This is a set I picked up at Michaels I believe.  It was my first set.  

This is my first set from etsy.  The shop is Bella Creationz

This set is from Annie's Paper Boutique

This one and the one below are from Tiny Stamps Big Plans

Here are some pictures of me playing around with the stamps.

Disclamer: I am NOT a professional stamper.  This is just my experience learning about stamps and sharing it with you.  If you want a pro stamper here is a link to Jennifer from My Purpley Life to learn from a pro stamper.

Ready?  Here we go!!!

These are the different inks that I was trying out.  Most are pigment ink.  Out of these ones I personally prefer the dew drops.  Easier to work with considering the size of the stamps I am working with.

The one on the left is a pigment ink and the one on the right is a chalk ink.  Jennifer explains better about the differences on her blog.  So check her out for more details!

This is me playing around with the different stamps and inks.  Again please keep in mind I am still learning and practicing so these aren't going to be the best quality.

The top left post it has the Annies Paper Boutique stamps and on the right has the Tiny Stamps Big Plans.
The right post it note has the weather stamps from Tiny Stamps Big Plans and the check boxes from Bella Creations.
The bottom post it: red is the dew drop pigment ink and the right is purple dew drop chalk ink. With Paper Boutique on the top and Tiny on the bottom.

This is the Color Box pigment ink with the Bella Creationz Pigment ink.
So.  There you have it.  Oh as far as clear blocks.  I just got mine in a set from Michaels I believe.   I can't remember how much they were.  I want to say around $15.00.....I think...but don't quote me guys!  Lol.

I hope to be able to learn more about stamping and hopefully become better.  Any advice would be grately appreciated!

Happy fleeking!!

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