Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Trial and Error

Hello Fleekers!
How are you doing?  Hope your week is going good.

So I thought I would do a bit of a blog talking about the things I am trying different this week.  It's all about trial and error isn't it?  

I have been looking up a lot of videos on bullet journals and Fauxdoris just getting some ideas.  I have been reading a lot of blogs lately too.  

These are just ideas that I came up with to try.  As far as lay outs I am excited to try a few new things in my Fauxdori when it comes.

So the first thing I tried this week is more stamping.  I watched n excellent video by My Purpley Life. on how to  stamp.  Here is the link to her video: My Purpley Life:Stamping Basics YouTube .  I really want to get more into stamping but I don't feel very confident about it.  She gives some great tips on how to do so.  

Here I used a to do rubber stamp that I got from Amazon I believe.  I thought I would just try it on my insert page.  I like the idea I just need to figure out a better list to put there.   

Here I tried some more stamping on my cleaning list.  It looks a bit sloppy going around the sticker.  

This water stamp is from a collection of clear stamps from Bella Creationz . I really tried to practice the tips that Jen gave on the video.

Here I am trying out my color coding.  I did a post on that which you can read here.  
I also am using the post it page flags for little notes such as when orders I make are shipped and what not.  I am really enjoying the color coding for my tasks.  I am not sure if I am going to migrate it into my Fauxdori or not.  We'll see!  I will definitely keep you posted!

And that's it!  Sorry this isn't a super exciting post.  I am hoping to be more informative and interesting once my Fauxdori comes which hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) will be at the end of the week.  I will take you through my unboxing and first impressions.  

Thanks so much for staying with me as I make this transition.  You guys are awesome!  And yes I mean you!!! 

Happy fleeking!

PS!  Don't forget to join in on the Instagram photo challenge!  #30daysoffleekingawesome


  1. Due to a picture you posted in a group on FB, I'm attempting a weekly docket this week.
    I did an overlay for my DIYfish blank grid paper and I think I really like it. You never know until you try :)

    1. Exactly! That is what the group is for! To gain inspiration and try new things! Post pictures! I would love to see them! (If you want to that is. Lol)