Monday, April 6, 2015

Evolution and Lessons Learned of Task Lists

Hello Fleekers!

How was your Easter or Passover weekend?  Good I hope!  Hope you were able to do something fun!

Today I would like to talk about the evolution of my to do lists.  Also some of my hopes of my soon to be Fauxdori.

So, when I started my Bullet Journal in January I had started doing the task lists like the bullet journal creator suggested.  At this point I kind of am wishing that is what I stuck with.  However, at the time, I felt like I was forwarding too many tasks.  I felt like I was writing them over and over again.  I got a little over whelmed.

As you can see in this next photo, my structure was starting to come along.  I was starting to limit the amount of to dos to have on my days.  Now, I understand the original idea of the task list or brain dump in the original video of Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal.  However, the idea behind my limiting the amount of task boxes was so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed with a page worth of tasks.

Here in February I am starting to get even more structured in my lay out.  I saw an idea on Pinterest  I believe it was where they put their symbols in between two horizontal lines.  I liked that idea but I had already pre stamped the heart check boxes.  My idea here was to put the forward arrows in the parallel lines.  That way I could clearly see what tasks were done and what wasn't.

In my new Fauxdori that I am receiving in the near future I plan on going with the original brain dump idea.  Just having all of my tasks in one booklet day by day.  I won't mark anything until the end of the week.  I have watched an excellent video on YouTube here is a link to the video.

In March I read a post on Tiny Ray of Sunshine.
This was about taping in to do list pads into your bullet journal.  I really wanted to use this idea.  I had a tone of pads that I wanted to utilize.    I don't know if I will use them in my Fauxdori or not...I have seen several people who use a binder clip and put them on the front inside of the leather cover.  I may try that.  I know I will use them in my monthly booklets.  So we will see how this goes..

Here is how I started out with my version of the brain dump.  Basically the original idea format.  Again, I got overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on one page and having too many forwarded tasks. I am a little bit worried about that in the Fauxdori.  That I will get overwhelmed just looking at the page with all of the tasks.  However, I think if I stick to the true idea of brain dumping and don't use arrows until the end of the week I will be OK.

Hence why in this next photo I limited the amount of to do boxes.  That was again my idea behind limiting them.

I stopped using the brain dumping all together at the end of March because I got tired of writing everything on there and then on my weekly spread.  I also had a list of monthly tasks which were basically the same things.

I have had a lot to think about on how to better manage my tasks since joining awesome planner groups on Facebook.  I have talked to awesome people who have helped me gain inspiration on how I want to set up my Fauxdori.  

I am not sure if I will continue to use my journal or not.  We will see.  

I would love to see ideas on your to do lists and tasks and brain dumps!  

As always!  Happy Fleeking!!!

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