Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Chunky Monkey!

Howdy Fleekers!

It's Saturday and I am glad for the warmer weather!

And I am glad for my final set up in my Fauxdori!  It's so chunky and I love it!  You want to take a look?  Um OK.  Since you said please.  

So here is the top.  I went to Michaels and found some elastic to hook my books together!  The hair elastics I was using were fine they were just a bit too big so I couldn't it as many in.

The first booklet from Growing Up Goddess on Etsy is my monthly.  I have gone a little decorating happy I won't lie.  That's my favorite part of a fresh new lay out!  Mwahahahaha....aaaaa

Eh hem.  Now.  The next booklet is my weekly.  Again from Growing Up Goddess. 

I am putting my appointments and the most important tasks from my brain dump on the left side.  Then some journaling on the right.  I love the space where the days are.  I put a weather stamp from Tiny Stamps Big Plans on Etsy.  

Next I made a folder of sorts. I originally got the inspiration from this video on YouTube.  I got the card slips and photo slips from Office Depot.  

The next booklet (from you guessed it Growing Up Goddess) is my food journal.

The next one came with my cover from EternalLeatherGoods on Etsy.  This one houses my lists and collections and thoughts.  

The final booklet is my brain dump.  I have been loving this!  I thought I would be overwhelmed but I love it.  

And there you have it! A total of five books!  Plus my own folder insert.  I do have a bit of hang over on the edge but that surprisingly doesn't bother me.  

Thanks for taking a look in my Fauxdori!  I have rearranged it so much already I am sure more changes will come.  Lol.  But for now this is how I like it!  

Happy Fleeking!

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