Sunday, March 27, 2016

Where Do I Start?

So I have been seeing a lot of new peeps on the Facebook Group.  I have also seen that there are a lot of basic blog posts on where to start on Bullet Journal.


Very simple:

A notebook (any kind will do).
A writing tool.

Where to start?

Well.  First you have to decide what you want to keep in your bullet journal.  Do you want to make it a calender?  Do you want to have collections?  Do you want to have both?  Think about your needs.

I have been bullet journaling for few years now.  I in no way claim to be an expert.  These are just my opinions and what I have learned and I hope to help others who are struggling to begin this fun adventurous journey.

Most recently and I mean in the past month I have been feeling the need to get back to the basics of bullet journaling.  The creator of this method Ryder Carroll has great resources on the basics..

He started a basic way of rapid loging of tasks and appointments and notes.  The wonderful creative people in the planner world took it from there to create masterpiece lay outs and collections.  I am floored by all of the great ideas and creativity that can be found on the social media groups.

However.  I have grown a bit frustrated and flabbergasted by my personal bullet journal.  Which is why I have decided to go back to the basics.

I wrote on sticky notes what I felt like I need to keep track of and what I wanted to include as far as calenders and collections.

Here is what I came up with:

Monthly calender
       Includes monthly goals and tasks and appointments

Monthly tracker
        It is just fun for me to see how I am doing on certain things over the month.

   I want to keep track of my income and what I spend.

    Weekly view


There are a few collections of which I want in my journal as well.

Movies to watch

   As far as lay outs it can be as simple as a list.  Check out Ryder's video (linked above) for a quick video of a quick list.Click here.

Or you can make it as fancy as you would like.

While there are great and wonderful artistic people out there there is nothing wrong with just a simple list.  In fact I give great credit to this gal here on FB who has a very simple lay out in her bullet journal link here.

So as you can see it does not have to be this elaborate thing.  It can be so simple.  Most of us who decorate and such just find it relaxing and even try to make most of the functional.  (I guess I really shouldn't speak for everyone....this is speaking for myself.)

So if you have been afraid to start because you feel intimidated by those beautiful journals just remember this journal is for you and to help make your life easier.  Make it match you.  Make it functional for you.  Decorating can come later.  Just start out with may be a month view, some dailies and may be a few collections.

Let me know how it goes!!  I would love to see what you come up with!!!

Happy Fleeking!!

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