Sunday, April 10, 2016

Steadler VS Stabilo

Hello Fleekers

So I have decided to give in and got myself some Stabilo 88 pens.  I had already had in my collection the Staedler fineliner pens.  Frankly, other than the design of the baral I really can't find my of a difference between the two pens.

Here is a small review of the two pens.  In no particular order because let's be honest.  I was too lazy to rearrange the pictures.  Lol.

Here is a sample of the writing.  I also threw in a sample of my pilot G-2 ball point pen of which I found it interesting that it wasn't too far off from the other two.  

Notice how similer the first two are....

Here is a close up of the two tips.  I honestly don't see much of a difference in the actual felt tip.  The barral yes.  Please keep in mind I have had the Staedtler for a while so it is becoming flattened and shortened by use. 

Here is a very close up of the Staedtler on top and Stabilo on bottom.  I really see no difference in the quality or look of the ink.

Here is a side shot of the tips
  Again keeping in mind I have had the top one for a few months.

A shot of the full pens side by side.

A close up of the tips side by side.  Again.  Keep in mind the left has been worn down by use.

So all in all if you are looking to get a fineliner pen I think you would do well with either one.  They are both a good pen.  Both comfortable to hold.  I might even prefer to hold the Staedtler a little more.   Would I get both?  Probably not.  I only got the Stabilo just to see what the craze was about.  If you want to save yourself some money you would do just fine with one or the other.  Unless you are a pen collector like me and HAVE to have both.

Thanks so much for reading!  Hope you are doing well!!  Happy Fleeking!!

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