Monday, January 26, 2015


Hello my fellow Fleekers!

I have come to a very important decision regarding this blog.  It needs more of you in it.  While this is a blog about my and I and me I would like the occational(and more than occational) sprinkle of you in there.  Because the more the marrier.  After are there are more letters in you than I.  Haha.  Am I stretching this blog humor?  Oh good.

Anyway.  I would like to start a series called
Friday's Fleeker Friend Feature

This is your chance to shine.  I want to keep this a kind and friendly fun and safe atmosphere for you fleekers.
If you would like to be featured with your ideas and pictures and suggestions please email me at
This will be a first come first serve.  Every week will be someone new.  I will think of questions then feature you!

Happy Fleeking

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