Thursday, January 15, 2015


Welcome to my new blog!  I have become a beginner filofax/bullet journal obsessor.

I have alays loved planners and office supplies.  I have never been low on pens or pencils or notebooks.  In fact I am one if my notebook gets to a certain point I have to get a fresh one.  I am always picking up new pens.  I keep saying if I ever worked at an office supply store I would never come home with a pay check.  They would just have to put it in a credit account for me.  It would be a dangerous place.  Lol.

So.  I have decided to start a blog seeperate from my personal one (as I want to keep my family's life as private as possible).  I have entitled it Life of A Fleek.  What is a Fleek you may ask?  Well.  It is me stretching it a bit and putting filofax and geek together.  I have finally admitted I am a Planner geek.  Therefore I have dubbed myself a Fleek.  FiLofax GEek.  And there you have it.  Lol.

This is the beginning blog of a planner journey.  I will be blogging every week for now then be blogging regular pending on requests and views.  My next post will be with pictures of my first (and only) filofax.  We will go on with the journey to my newly acquired interest in bullet journals.  

My purpose is to give ideas and enjoyment to the filofax/planner world.  Also since I am a beginner I am really hoping for inspiration from others.  

Thank you for your time!  Enjoy!  Happy Fleeking! (I may or may have to change the name....not sure if this will  be taken in the wrong way!  I do not intend it to be taken wrong!  Lol.)

Ps: please be patient with me as this is my first filofax/planner blog!   And the fact that I am a beginner blogger!   Any suggestions would be most welcome!