Thursday, January 15, 2015

My First Filofax

I have always been a planner person.  A paper person.  A pen person.  I started looking at planner videos  on youtube.  I came across the Filofax users.  I watched video after video about them.
Here are some of the videos that I watched:
Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

There are many many more videos on reviews and how to organize this specific planner and how to organize it.

I got one from  I believe it was on sale at the time.

I have love my filofax.  I started looking at videos on how I could make it work for me.
I also started decorating it as well.  I got my inspiration from My Purpley Life.

Here is a picture of my filofax.  I do not name it or give it a gender as many Fleekers do.  But that is just me.  Not saying that doing that is wrong at all.  By all means.

Disclamer: please excuse the quality of the pictures.  I am hoping to get my lap top fixed so I can take better pictures.

My Metrolpol.  I have fallen in love with.

A top view.

I LOVE the color.  It's a beautiful binder.  Obviously as you can see it is very full.  The Rings are starting to pull a tiny bit.  But not enough to where it bothers me.  I think rings tend to spread because people pull the Rings themselves instead of the top and bottom push flaps.  Also I believe over stuffing (which is a Fleek symptom-again not a bad thing) can cause the rings to spread.

Anyway.  Let's take a peek inside:

And there you have it.     I hope you enjoyed this post!   This will be all for this one!   Stay tuned for next week's post! 

Happy Fleeking!

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