Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Budget Planner

Hello Fleekers!

How is your week going?    Are you staying healthy?  I hope so!

Well let's get into it shall we?

So this is one of my first budget lay outs in this journal.

I was working on how I wanted to keep track of my budget.  I didn't like this but I didn't want to rip out the pages because I like to live and learn.

This next lay out worked really well.  I don't have a huge amount of bills and money responsibilities.  
But.  What I do have I keep track in my bullet journal and it has been working great!!  Trust me I have tried many methods and this was the most simple one that I can work with.

Here is a blank layout.  On the left I have the top box for my bills and such. I call it group A.  These are the things I need to get paid.
The second box is for my group b catagory or spending money.
I write at the top right corner how much I get paid then subtract the amount of money I need for my bills then put what I have left for my spending above the second box.
On the right is where I keep a detailed list of where I spent the money in my group b category and how much.  At the end of the week I add up each purchase and put that total in the coordinating slot in my boxes on the left.  

The thing I love about the bullet journal is you can tweak it every week to what best suits your needs.  It's not an already printed out page that has a few of your needs.  This has been working so well for me!

How do you keep track of your budget?  

Happy Fleeking!  

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