Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Review February 1-7

Hello again my Fellow Fleekers!

I apologize for the delay in my weekly review.  I have been coming down with a cold I think so I spent most of yesturday sleeping.

This week seemed pretty busy.  Looking over my schedule and what went down I had something going on almost every night.  I like being busy but I also need my time.  I am an introvert that way.

I did focus on getting some things done while I could when I was home.  This bullet journal is working so very well as far as prioatizing tasks and such.  Also motivating me

Here are some pictures of last week.

These next pictures are my brain dump. 

I also decorated my Filofax February pages.  
I downloaded these from Philofaxy

I did change it a bit to fit my personal preferences.  I am so accustomed to have my week start on Sunday.  

This week I really wanted to incorporate my Filofax.  I know it doesn't have feelings (duh) but I do and I felt bad not using it.  I really did like my Filofax.  So I am trying to revise it in a way that I can use it along side my bullet journal.  I will do a post on it once I get it all together. 

If you use both how do you have your set up?  I would love to see it!  

Also ten more hours for my GiftAway!  There is still time to enter! 

As always Happy Fleeking!

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