Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Revising My Planners: Packing Lists

Well hello there my Fellow Fleeker Friends!

I hope you are doing well and trying to stay healthy.  That nasty cold throat stuff is going around and I caught it.  Darn it.  Oh well.  Life goes on.

And so does blogging!  Yay!  I may not be able to speak clearly but I can type!  Yay for technology!

So.  I have started a series called Revizing My Planners.  I have used a Filofax the past year (2014) and loved it!  I loved decorating the pages and everything about it.  However when I discovered the Bullet Journal concept and began watching YouTube videos regarding that I fell in love and dived head first into the lovely warm pool of this community and planning lifestyle.

However.  As much as I love my new bullet journal system I still wanted to incorporate my Filofax.  I didn't want it to feel left out.  Yes Filofaxes have feelings....OK may be not but still.  Lol.

So.  I have started revizing some things to make both of them work.  I admire so much those that can use two or more planners at a time!  Go you!

In my first post in this series I go over my menu and how it's been working thus far.

Now I would like to introduce you to how I plan and pack for vaca.

Who doesn't like to go away on trips?  I honestly don't go very much.  My friends make fun of me (but I still love them) and say I am very sheltered.  Which OK.  I am.  I really don't get out as much as I probably should.

But when I do I bet they couldn't say they have an OCD packing list like me!

So.  Here is what I was using in my filofax:
I created them myself on word.  Before that I just used a plain piece of paper and sticky notes.

I loved the lay out of this list.  But with my bullet journal I wasn't using this.  I supposed I could just print them out and glue them into my journal but I dunno.

Anyway.  I made a master packing list in my bullet journal:

But I got thinking...what happens when I change notebooks in May?  I will have to write this all over again or keep going back to it.  
So in bringing my Filofax back from the dead I figured I could keep the Filofax pages in my Filofax and use my journal.  I decided to go back to the same colorful pad of paper that I use in my menu planning.

I make a list on my Filofax pages.  Then I make a list on a blue paper from my notepad.  Now.  Before you say isn't this redundant?  Yes.  To be honest it is.  Why write the same list twice?  Well.  Partly because I am just a neurotic list maker and because each place I go varies on what I need to pack.

For example.  In March my family and I are going to our cabin.  I don't need make up or nice close like I would say if I were going to stay with a friend somewhere. 
Here is an example of my packing list:

When I am done with the list I will put this in my bullet journal.  This paper I can put away and not worry about having to remember everything and go back through old journals.

This is my paper tucked in the week that I am going out of town.  

So there you have it. 
I hope this made sense.  If you have any questions let me know!  

Stay healthy (if you can at all help it) and as always Happy Fleeking!! 

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