Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week Review February 8-14

Happy Valentines Day Fleekers!

Hope you all feel all that lovey dovey stuff and go into chocolate comas and what ever.  Lol.

Here is my weekly review.

This week was not as productive as I wanted it to be.  I have been sick with a bad chest cold. I tried to get some things done but yea.

So here are the pictures of the week:

 I got some new pens from Target.  I want to do a review on them but I need ten likes on my Instagram picture.  One more and I will do a review!  For a sneak peak the journal entries on this page were done in those pens

I didn't do much for my goals.  Being sick I didn't exercise with my mom like we try to do.  Monday.  We will start Monday.
Got a few things done on my zone cleaning.  I will try and finish that up tonight.  Menu didn't go as planned.  

Tuesday I stayed home from everything.  That's when I felt the worse and barely had a voice.  

Here is my brain dump for the week:

So here is to a better week.  A look into my decorated pages:

So there ya have it folks.  Lol.
How was your week?  Hope you had a good one.  If not like Clarice sings in Rudolph "There's always tomorrow...."

Happy Fleaking!

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