Monday, February 16, 2015

EK Tools Journaling Pens Review

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I mentioned on my Instagram post that I got some new pens.  I got some Staedler Pens and some EK Tools Journaling Pens.

I was walking through Target and these caught my eye.  Now.  First and for most for someone who spends no more than $10.00 on a pack of pens these were a lump in my throat when I realized how much they were.  I didn't actually look at the price until I got home.  I paid $26.28 for these!

But I do have to say they were well worth it.  I really do like them.  They write really well.

More on that later.

Here is me taking them out of the package..

As you can see they came in a pack of eight colors.  Black, blue, green, brown, red, pink, yellow and purple.

They are supposed to be really nice journaling pens/markers.  They basically remind me of a fancy version of the Sharpie pens.

But I really do like them.  The lid is a triangle shape.  I believe it is a fine point marker felt round tip.

As for the writing I felt it wrote very smoothly.  The colors are nice and vibrant.  The yellow is a bit hard to see but then what yellow isn't.  

The next few pages are samples in the journal I actually use as my bullet journal.  I wanted to test the bleed through.  I found that it does show through somewhat but not terribly bad.  

This is the blank page just for review purposes.

Here is the page written on with the purple pan.

This is the back of the page with the "bleed" coming through.

So as you can see the bleed through it very minimal.  Of course the thicker the paper the less bleed through.  The paper in my journal is not the thickest but it's not say regular spiral bound flimsy either.  

So over all I am glad for the purchase.  I am really enjoying these pens.  Just as a tip make sure you don't press too hard.  I have to remind myself of that.  I don't want to push the pen tip in.

Hope this helped if you are looking into some nicer pens/markers.

As always 
Happy Fleeking!

This is not a sponsored post.  All materials were purchased by me.  Opinions are my honest and genuine thoughts of the product.

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