Friday, February 27, 2015

Planner Supply Station

Hello Fleekers!

It's Friday!  Yay!  I will celebrate with you even though I have to work tomorrow.  Lol.

How was your week?  I hope it was grand.

I am going to take you through my Supply Station.  Where all of my tools you might say for my planner live.  Ready?  Here we go!

This is a seven drawer plastic container I believe I got at Walmart. It has been used and reused for so many things.  But I think I have finally found the right use for it.  On the top is a three drawer bin again from Walmart.  

Let's start at the top
  This is where I keep my dew ink drops.  I like this ink.  Of course it's really the only ink I use so I need to experiment more.  I learned about these from Jennifer on My Purpley Life. She has a lot of great ideas about different inks.

Again in the second drawer down is more ink.  

Third drawer is where I am keeping my clear stamps and blocks.  I am not sure about this set up yet. I only have three sets of stamps so if I expand my collection I will see if I change this.

The first drawer of the seven drawer bin houses random things.  I got the red bins at Dollar Tree.  As you can see I keep some post it flags, pencils, glue, white out, sticky notes.

The next drawer is where the majority of my sticky pads are.  

This is what you might call my extra drawer for lack of a better term.  This is where I keep extra back up supplies such as tape (both runner tape and regular) extra white out etc.

Here is probably my most favorite drawer.  My second favorite drawer is the post it drawer but this is my favorite.  Who doesn't like their washi tape in the planner community?  Lol.  If you would like me to go into my washi tape collection let me know!

This is an odd and end drawer where I keep some extra random stuff.  Cards and such.

This sits in a basket of sorts on the floor by my drawers.  This is a make up bag I got at Walmart and I use it to house all of my pens, markers and highlighters.  It has worked out really well.

Here is the bin that houses my sticker binder.  I did a blog about that.  😊

I hope you have a great weekend.  I am hoping to be able to ensure this weekend!  Lol.

Happy Fleeking!!

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