Monday, February 9, 2015

Revising My System Series:Menu

Hello Fleekers!

First and foremost congrats to my GiftAway winners!  Carol and Cari!!!  Thanks so much for your support!!

Hope you had a good weekend.  Back to the grindstone.  It's Monday.

But!  Do not despair!  I have a blog post for you.  Yay!

So this weekend I was a bit sick.  I have been revising my planners.  I had a Filofax that I used and loved last year.  More about it here.

I really wanted to get back into it.  So while I have been laying around I got to thinking how I can use both planners.  I see many in the community use more than one or even two planners and I respect them.  That is amazing that they can do that.

I thought about it and I figured that I could leave my long term things in my Filofax and use my bullet journal for short term.  Also.  The menu in my bullet journal wasn't working for me.

Let me explain.

So.  I love the bullet journal.  I have been concistantly using it for a month now.  I take it everywhere.  By everywhere I even mean I put it next to me in bed.  (I have a big bed for myself.)

I even got my mom into using one!  Yay for inspiration and helping others!

So.  For my menus.  This is what I was using for this month:

This isn't working.  It might work for some people but not me.  So.  I have decided to put that into my Filofax again.  I dunno why that works better but it does.
Here is my menu in my filofax.:

So.  I am going to use this once a week.  When I plan my meals out I will write the dinners in my bullet journal just on my weekly spread.  

I don't have to follow the menu to a t.  I am just cooking for myself.  But this is a rough draft of what I could eat for the week.  I had purchased a small notepad with five different colors that I wanted to use.  That is one of my symptoms.  I have too much stationary that I don't use.  So I have got to go by more.  Anyone else have that problem?  Lol?

Anyway.  So.  As far as a grocery list I had one in my Filofax but I think I am going to just use these sheets of colorful paper.  

Here is my grocery list at the end of my week spread:

I do have a Home management binder which I am also trying to figure out how to incorporate.  Although that is kinda hard since I don't have a family to manage and too much info.  But may be I will do a series on that if anyone is interested? 

But this is how I am incorporating my Filofax and Bullet Journal as far as the menu.  More on revising coming soon.  Well see how this works of if it doesn't.  That's all part of the planner journey!

How do you do your menu?

Hope you have a good week!
Happy Fleeking!


  1. Thank you! I made them myself! I want to figure out how to share them. Once I will I will post that!

    Thanks for reading!